Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shekel for an Ex-Mormon?

Vestal Vespa found some great Book of Mormon action figures.

I was raised in a Mormon household, and we had some children's Book of Mormon picture books (which my brother would use as TV dinner lap trays).


I swear these figurines were taken from those illustrations, because some of them look really familiar, especially these two.

There was a cover I particularly remember, of a jaguar in a tree that looked like it was about to leap on some Nephites passing under its branch.


BTW, the last conversation I had with someone from the church ended with her snottily saying, "Well then why don't you get excommunicated?"

I think I said something like, "Why should I bother?" And having read about the process of getting excommunicated, I now know why I shouldn't bother.

Quitting the Mormon Church has long been difficult. Excommunication was the only way to sever ties until the 1980s, when a lawsuit forced the church to allow members to have their names stricken from membership rolls.

But in many cases, so-called name removal can wind up taking months or years, require repeated letters and inquiries, and prompt persistent and ongoing visits and calls from fellow Mormons that, some ex-Mormons say, approach harassment and invasion of privacy.

In some cases, like Edwards', disciplinary hearings are called. Members are investigated, their families and acquaintances are questioned, and any transgression and its punishment can be announced by church leaders.

The funny thing is, the reason some want their names removed is because the church will sometimes send over teachers, make phone calls, write letters, and generally harass a member. You're screwed either way!

I think I've moved around enough, and I've changed my name, so they probably don't know where I am. They probably don't know where my parents are, either. And if they found out, I would hope my parents would know enough not to give my name.

As long as they leave me alone, I don't see any reason why I should subject myself to their attentions. I'm very polite and respectful when evangelists come to my door. I simply tell them that I have my own beliefs, which I decline to share, and that suffices. But if the Mormons find out I'm a jack and start harassing me, the "fuck offs" will start.

Update: Who would win in a fight -- Vestal Vespa's Nephi, or Radhole's Einstein riding on a USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D die-cast metal "to-bacc-o" pipe?

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