Friday, December 02, 2005

What's Wrong with Microsoft?

Wash Park Prophet has asked the question a couple of times: What's wrong with Microsoft? I have Windows XP, and it causes me problems, too. Even after clearing the cache, reorganizing this, defragmenting that, then rebooting the whole thing, it still doesn't take too long for the whole system to slooowww down, stop loading pages, freeze up.

Tonight at the Christmas party, we had the good fortune of sitting next to the winner of Employee of the Year who is the chief IT person for my husband's company. So I asked him, "What's wrong with Microsoft?"

He said there is nothing wrong with Microsoft, and that the Windows XP version works very well. The problem is that Microsoft is so huge, accounting for 90%+ of all computers, that hackers and spyware designers go after it, generally not bothering to write code for other operating systems, like Mac.

He did say the guys in charge of monitoring for breaches and sending out packages (or something, it was loud, I was straining to hear) to correct problems are sometimes not on top of things, but there are just so many coming in all the time. Plus, casual users like me may not be inclined to take the time to update the computer when we do get them (I have mine on automatic updates).

Windows XP comes with a firewall to protect against viruses, but it's really the spyware that slows things down. I have a spyware detector on mine that is supposed to filter them out when they appear, but they still get through. For some reason (again, I couldn't hear well, and I don't really understand computers that much), spyware attaches to the system administrator sections.

IT guy said to not browse the net as a system administrator, which I do (until tonight). Create a login for doing system admininstrator business, but browse the internet from a separate login. That way, when you are online as a system administrator, you generally won't be on long enough for spyware to attach itself.

But to answer the question, it seems the problem with Microsoft is that it's so freakin' huge, which is a very good reason to support the little guy and oppose virtual monopolies. You won't get noticed so much or be worth hassling. And if there is a problem, you're less likely to slip through the cracks of customer service.

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