Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Blog for History Nuts

I'm married to one, so at least he'll appreciate it.

Carnival of Bad History

...Here's how much of a history nut my husband is:

A commercial for Coke that ran before a movie showed a guy in a leather flying outfit named "Francis" travelling to the future from the year 1652. He bought many cases of Coke and took them back with him to 1652, where they were very popular with historical figures such as Joan of Arc and Genghis Khan. I think King Louis XIV was the only historical figure who could have been alive in 1652 to enjoy the Coke.

I merely thought the commercial was somewhat bizarre, but my hubby said it actually made him a little angry.

Oddly, considering the anachronisms galore, he somewhat enjoyed our day at Renaissance Pleasure Faire. The King's knight looked like a blond, long-haired Jack Black, so we had much fun singing, "Climb upon my big-assed steed/then we gonna ride gonna smoke some weed..." under our breaths.

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