Thursday, January 19, 2006

Christianity in Perspective

Isn't it funny how atheists and agnostics seem to know more about Christianity, its history, and its true meaning than so-called "Christians?"

Read WashParkProphet for a nice rant and lesson in putting religiosity in its proper perspective, spurned on by Marc Holtzman's tirade/bid for attention against Mayor Hickenlooper.
"A year ago, the mayor tried to cancel Christmas," said Holtzman, referring to a brief controversy over a plan to replace the words "Merry Christmas" with "Happy Holidays" on the City and County Building.

BTW, this was my first Christmas in Denver, and I thought the City and County Building was lovely. I did notice, however, that it was ruled exclusively by "Christian" Christmas traditions. I looked all over for a menorah or any other sign of any other religious tradition, but saw not a one.

I especially noticed this part of WPP's post
Indeed, it is hard to imagine anything which is more of a secularist agenda, in the sense that it has no religious basis, than a policy of trying to enforce an immigration regime based upon secular nation-state boundaries, whose arbitrary nature is particularly evident in Colorado, some parts of which were once parts of France. (See this map), only 203 years ago, and other parts of which were part of Mexico even more recently.

because a few months ago, I recall a letter to the editor from a "good Catholic" couple who were planning to withhold monetary donations from their diocese for offering aid to illegal immigrants. Their point was that illegal immigrants are breaking the law, and their diocese should be obeying the law of the land. I thought, shouldn't the Catholic church be offering aid to people no matter their legal status because that is God's permanent law, and not the impermanent law based on men and their artificial boundaries?

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