Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Don't Use the StarForce, Luke

Atrios links to boingboing, which has been threatened with a lawsuit by StarForce for warning the public about its problems. Says Avi of Brownian Emotion: "Their business seems to depend on people not knowing how much they suck."

What is StarForce?
Starforce is a controversial copy-protection system. Reports about destroyed CD ROM devices, unstable or slower-running Windows systems after installing a video game (even after it was removed!), and corrupted drivers as a possible result of Starforce, have made many computer gamers wary of this copy protection technology.

I hadn't heard of StarForce until I read boingboing, but when I did, a bell rang in my head. My parents bought a Garfield game for one of their granddaughters to play, and it crashed not one, but two of their computers. Sure enough, it uses StarForce.

Here's a list of other released games which use StarForce.

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