Saturday, January 28, 2006

I Actually Agree With Tancredo

He's "hailing" the settlement of a lawsuit against a U.S. company that hired illegal aliens.
The $1.3 million settlement, announced late Monday, was the result of a lawsuit filed against top executives of Zirkle Fruit Company of Selah, Washington, using the RICO organized crime statutes.


Court documents show that as late as 2004, more than 12,000 of Zirkle’s employees—70 percent of its workforce—gave phony Social Security numbers on their employment applications. A Zirkle employee noted that the documents the company accepted were obviously fraudulent...


“Employers lobby Congress to keep our borders open and the cheap labor flowing. Cheap labor is only cheap to the employers: as this lawsuit shows, working Americans suffer real wage losses due to illegal, unfair competition,” said Tancredo.

Where we still disagree is the solution.

For instance, instead of building a wall and shutting down the border, end NAFTA's unfair trading and business practices and create a huge worker program -- with a system for employers and immigrants to find each other, transportation from the border to the workplace, and housing -- which allows many more immigrants in the U.S. to work, requires fair pay and taxation, and allows immigrants to earn citizenship.

Just an idea.

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