Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ID As Philosophy Dropped

Via Pharyngula, the school in El Tejon that was trying to teach Creationism/Intelligent Design as philosophy has decided to drop the course at the urging of Casey Luskin, attorney for the Discovery Institute.

Remember the Discovery Institute, who can't say what science is?
Attempts to locate methodological “invariants” that provide a set of necessary and sufficient conditions for distinguishing true science from pseudoscience have failed.10 Most philosophers of science now recognize that neither verifiability, nor testability (nor falsifiability), nor the use of lawlike explanation (nor any other criterion) can suffice to define scientific practice.

And Casey Luskin, who, despite his client's disdain for lawlike explanations, attempted to explain ID "science" in a lawyerly way, so says PZ Myers:
Casey Luskin, the IDEA club coordinator and president, has written an utterly awful article "rebutting" part of Ken Miller's testimony in the Dover trial. It is embarrassingly bad, a piece of dreck written by a lawyer that demonstrates that he knows nothing at all about genetics, evolution, biology, or basic logic.

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