Thursday, January 19, 2006

Innocents Swept Up in Van Susteren Tantrum

It's mainly meant as an eye-catching title, but it's accurate enough. Instead of calling the Orlando Sentinel herself to ask for a retraction or correction, she stamped her feet and held her breath and got her goon squad to write emails and call for her. As Bob Somerby would say, the pampered and powdered millionaire pundit was too busy measuring the basement in her McMansion to pick up the phone.

Hopefully this is the concluding chapter in the Greta Van Susteren saga to prove she's not a fascist, as there is no evidence that she is (though she works for a Neo- or Pseudo-Fascist company, so is a willing cog in the wheel -- yes, reasonable minds may differ on that).

My usual source for media news, Mike James, author of NewsBlues, gets caught up in the fray, with hilarious -- well, mildly amusing -- results.

About NewsBlues, from Orlando Magazine
Van Susteren's blog demands were also noted in a Web column by Mike James, a former Orlando journalist who now writes a successful Web site called Newsblues. Thousands of journalists all over the country subscribe to the site, which follows the television news industry. James often breaks stories about television news and he has become a major thorn in the side of television executives who, while dealing in broadcasting information, want to keep their own maneuvering secret.

When we started reading NewsBlues, the site was mainly a place for journalism-types to network: find market size, contact information, reconnect with old co-workers, and my favorite part, get the inside poop on what it's like workign at a particular station. That turned into a he said/she said bitch session that got him a lot of complaints, so no more.

The first two chapters:
Sensitive Susteren
Van Susteren Not a Supporter of Fascists; A Retraction

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