Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Media Starting to Fact Check?

I think Al Franken played a clip of Scott McClellan, in the course of criticizing Gore's speech, saying that the Clinton Administration conducted warrantless searches, such as on Aldrich Ames. My reaction, since I know the facts, was, "What a %*&#ing liar."

Seems that was the reaction of some of the media as well, for a change. Think Progress, via Eschaton (come to think of it, it was someone from Think Progress who brought the clip to Al Franken's show) has the AP story that fact checks McClellan's ass.
But at the time of the Ames search in 1993 and when Gorelick testified a year later, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act required warrants for electronic surveillance for intelligence purposes, but did not cover physical searches. The law was changed to cover physical searches in 1995 under legislation that Clinton supported and signed.

See, it wasn't a law at the time, and now it is. Clinton never violated FISA.

It's nice to see a major media outlet, rather than a major blogger, finally do their job.

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