Thursday, January 05, 2006

O'Leilly Strikes Again

What a good time we had watching O'Reilly's appearance on Letterman. I have never seen Dave so confrontational (my husband says Dave reserves his rudeness for dull guests who sit like lumps on his couch and don't even try).

We were at the condo, so I couldn't blog on it at the time, but I just knew Media Matters would be all over O'Reilly's b.s. And they don't disappoint.

Dave doesn't buy the nonsense about the "War on Christmas," and in fact tells O'Reilly, "I have the feeling about 60 percent of what you say is crap." A conservative assessment, in my opinion.

O'Reilly pulls out the debunked story about the Wisconsin Elementary school that tried to secularize Silent Night in a politically correct attempt to destroy American culture. In fact, the song's lyrics were changed in 1988 for a school play called ... wait for it ... The Little Tree's Christmas Gift. There's more interesting info about the secular destroyer of our American culture who changed those lyrics.

Click on the link to see what O'Reilly has to say about Letterman's interviewing style.

But here's where I think we got a really nice insight into what an asshole O'Reilly is, when he says: "I actually got a card from a friend of mine, it said 'Have a Blessed Winter.' I live in New York. You know what you can do with your blessed winter. You know what I'm talking about? Are you with me, Dave?"

Of course Dave's not with O'Reilly, because Dave has enough good breeding to know that when you receive a card from a friend, you say "thank you," not hint that your friend should cram his blessing up his pootytoot. Unless that's the kind of relationship you have.

Transcript at A La Touche Gauche via Newshounds. (My apologies to lefty for getting his blog name wrong.)
Video at Crooks and Liars.

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