Thursday, January 19, 2006

Salazar To Oppose Alito

Though he's not pledged a filibuster, I don't see how he could decline to filibuster after saying of Alito:
"Judge Alito’s judicial philosophy will expand Executive power too far, hurt the checks and balances built into our Constitution to protect us all, and roll back important civil rights protections that were achieved in our country through the sacrifices of many."

If he believes Alito's going to be that damaging (which I think he will be) then to not filibuster would be unconscionable dereliction of duty to the United States Constitution.

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Bob Martinez calls Salazar a "partisan pawn who is simply toting the party line of the extreme liberals within his party," which is laughable.

And thank you RMN for fact checking Martinez's ass, showing him to be the partisan pawn, not for his conservative Republican constituents, but for his party.
Since joining the Senate one year ago, Salazar has struck a middle ground with his voting record. A recent analysis by CQ Weekly, a publication of Congressional Quarterly, found that Salazar voted to support President Bush's position 48.9 percent of the time in 2005.

Yep, that's a line toter. :rolleyes (:sad that I don't have BBcode)

I would credit Salazar's decision to my phone call to his office that went something like this: "I would like to urge the Senator to oppose the nomination of Judge Alito," to which the man on the phone said, "I will certainly let the Senator know." But Salazar doesn't listen to extreme liberals like me.

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