Thursday, January 26, 2006

Spike Movie Spin-off

Buck at No Blasters reports that the WB is ready and willing to do a Buffy spinoff, possibly a Spike movie or miniseries.

I started watching the re-runs on FX halfway through the last season of Angel, and didn't realize until a week before the end that both series had been cancelled. At the time in Florida, Buffy and Angel were being aired on three different stations, with no fewer than four episodes per day (except the weekend) but I had no interest in watching either series -- despite being touted by Atrios -- until I got confused during my channel surfing.

I noticed that sometimes Angel was good, sometimes bad; sometimes Spike was good, sometimes bad; sometimes they were friends, sometimes enemies. So I started watching to see if I could suss it all out. Since it was on so frequently, I caught up pretty quick, but not in time to watch the last season of Angel. By then I was hooked, and thoroughly disappointed that I missed the whole thing, dammit.

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