Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tancredo's Compassionate Conservatism

Bill Winter, running for Tom Tancredo's seat, had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the United Veterans Committee of Colorado.

Mr. Tancredo was asked what he thought about an article in Lancet, a British medical journal. He was told that the article says that over 100,000 Iraqi children [ed: Lancet said 100,000 civilians, half of which were women and children] have died as a result of American sanctions and bombs. His response was, and I quote, "That's the cost of war. People die."

Is there something admirable about a person who is so honest about his lack of humanity that he won't dredge up even a pretense of sympathy for dead children? I didn't think so. But he does dredge up some modicum of compassion for dead Mexicans.

A Denver immigration lawyer pointed out that some 4,000 people had died in the desert last year alone as a result of our current immigration policies. Mr. Tancredo's supporters responded with cries of "So what?" and Mr. Tancredo said all those people should have gone to a "port of entry" and then they wouldn't have died.

True compassion requires action, not that phony "boohooing" about dead children:

"If you are truly compassionate, what you will do is to construct a [physical] barrier ... so that you will be able to discourage people from trying to come. Because those folks are the ones dying in the desert."

You know it's true ... one wall saved tens of thousands of East German lives.

Back to Bill Winter's take on Tancredo:
This is a man who wants to limit a woman's freedom to make her own choices about her body, and wants to outlaw abortion completely because he says every fetus is a human being and every fetus must be protected. But when 4,000 people die in the desert, he doesn't mind at all, and when 100,000 children are killed, he calls it "the cost of war."

More Tancredo compassion for his fellow human beings:

Happily posing, via Virtual Pus. As PusBoy said, "Thank God Tancredo’s Italian immigrant parents made it here before we filled up. ... Asshole!"

I call this one "Tough Love:"
In September 2002, after reading a glowing Denver Post profile of an 18-year-old undocumented immigrant honor student, [Tancredo] reported the student's family to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, forcing the family to go into hiding.

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