Tuesday, January 24, 2006

They Found Me

I got a call from a member of the local Relief Society. I thought at first that it sounded familiar, but couldn't quite place where I knew it from. Even the word "ward" didn't quite ring a bell at first, it's been so long. But even as I asked, "Relief Society? What's that?" I remembered.

The Mormons found me.

I was told they recently received records that I am a member of the church, but like Judas, I denied it ... well twice instead of three times. And I feel no guilt at all about doing it. I get annoyed when phone companies call me every three months to switch, I don't need Mormons coming to the door.

Those Mormons do search out and keep records, probably more thoroughly and effectively than the NSA. Maybe the Bush Administration should ask them for help.

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