Saturday, January 14, 2006

They Went!

When can we finally lay to rest the lie that the Right cares more about the military than the Left? In addition to horribly ill-equipping the military, it seems these days, anyone who is in or has been in the military is just used as a stepping stone, even if it means stepping on that military person with a vicious smear.

They attacked Al Gore, John Kerry, Max Cleland, and now John Murtha, all veterans who apparently didn't give good enough service. Gore didn't shoot anyone, Kerry shot a diapered child in the back, Cleland didn't get horribly maimed in combat, and Murtha didn't get hurt bad enough.

But they went! They did their duties! I'll bet they all could have gotten deferments (Gore's influential father didn't want him to go), but they didn't. They went willingly into a war zone, where people died just for standing too close to an exploding child.

Go after them for their policies or ideas, but not for failing to live up to some John Wayne/General Patton ideal.

BTW, the Biggest Hypocrite Asshole Award in the Swiftboating of John Kerry went to Bob Dole, who questioned whether Kerry deserved a Purple Heart for richochted shrapnel from his own weapon, the same circumstance that got Dole a Purple Heart!

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