Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tom "Show Me the Money" Tancredo

Tancredo's losing support in his own home district, my home district, for his strong anti-immigrant stance. He says it's because businesses dread losing the cheap labor, which is probably true.

But he's amply made up for the local shortfall in individual out-of-state contributions.
Among these new donors are some prominent and controversial anti-immigration activists such as Roger Barnett, a vigilante who boasts of having rounded up thousands of illegal immigrants on his Arizona ranch, and Barbara Coe, director of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform.

Barnett has been quoted in High Country News as calling Mexicans "animals." Coe frequently refers to them as "savages," according to numerous reports.

Tancredo says he rejects racist statements and doesn't want to fight the immigration issue based on race. However, he doesn't control what his contributors say or do, he says. "If they want to send me money, that's their business."

I don't know, but I think I would reject contributions from blatantly bigoted individuals and organizations. But I have principles. That's why I'm poor.

Via Patrick Ruffini.

Fact Check: It was Roger's brother, Don, who called Mexicans animals.
Don worked as a deputy sheriff in the 1970s and 1980s. Like many border natives, he remembers when citizens of both countries casually crossed la lÆnea, to drink or shop or work. The Mexicans were different in those days, Barnett says. "They acted like human beings. I guess they had respect then," he tells me. "Now they’re trespassing. They’re animals."

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