Friday, January 27, 2006

White House Encouraged by Duped Public

Andrea Mitchell reported (via Media Matters) that when the Administration lies to the American public about spying, the American public isn't too upset about spying.
"Democrats think their best argument is that the program is a power grab by the president and will ultimately prove to be unpopular. Despite the political furor, the White House is encouraged by recent polls, showing little public outcry over the program, especially when they tell people it is limited only to those who talk to Al Qaeda."

However, according to The New York Times' initial report and its subsequent reporting on the surveillance program, government sources tell quite a different story from the one suggested by the administration and advanced by Mitchell, namely that the program involves only the surveillance of "those who talk to Al Qaeda" and that only international calls are monitored.

The White House is also encouraged to continue lying and breaking the law by brainless mouthpieces on television.

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