Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Wood Shop of Intelligent Design

Having failed at getting ID declared a science, nutcases are now attempting to teach ID pseudo-science as a pseudo-philosophy.

A school in El Tejon, CA, has put and ID course on the curriculum under "philosophy." The course is basically the arguments that IDers have been using all along, plus a bunch of awesome Christian videos about the Creation.
Topics that wlll be covered are the age of the earth, a world wide flood, dinosaurs, pre-human fossils, dating methods, DNA, radioisotopes, and geological evidence. Physical and chemical evidence will be presented suggesting the earth is thousands of years old, not billions.

Sometimes a radioisotope is just a radioisotope? Dating methods using Aristotle's Golden Mean shows the Earth is neither apathetic nor irascible, it is equanimous?

Notice also that the curriculum, called "Philosophy of Intelligent Design" is blatantly Creationist.

And the teacher is singularly unqualified to teach either science or philosophy:
Name: Mrs. Sharon Lemburg
Department: Special Education
Brief Biography: B. A. Degree in Physical Education, Social Science: with emphasis in Sociology, Special Education
Class Description: Special EducationClub Advisor or Coach? Soccer and Softball
Of course they're being sued. So when this effort fails as miserably as the attempt to teach a religious belief as science, can we expect to see ID being taught in other, equally inappropriate courses?

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