Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bush Potemkin Villages

Thirty-two workers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden whose jobs were cut just last month were rehired two days before the President visited. The Department of Energy magically found exactly the amount of money that was needed to rehire them.

The director of Environment Colorado is hoping for a renewable budget program for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. "I hope he comes to the lab six or seven more times to take its budget back to where it was when his administration came to power."

Other instances:
Tom Engelhardt in Mother Jones, "So the President passes through the empty cities of the world and, even when in filled auditoriums, through a world emptied of all reality but his." The article describes how central Germany and the entire town of Mainz were shut down and emptied of people for Bush's visit.

The Potemkin Presidency -- Bush's factory photo-op using empty Made-in-America boxes to mask the real boxes stamped Made-in-China; the fake turkey; astro-turf campaigns.

Bush's Potemkin Town Meetings -- title speaks for itself.

Perhaps someone else remembers and can link to this incident, which my husband recalls. There was a factory that had been nearly totally shut down, and had only a skeleton crew. A large group of people were hired to stand around looking like workers for Bush's visit and photo-op.

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