Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney Admits to "A Beer"

If someone admits to one, you can at least double that.

And why did he not report the incident immediately?
He said he thought it made sense to let the owner of the ranch where it happened reveal the accident on the local newspaper’s Web site Sunday morning.

Why does that make sense?
Cheney said he agreed that ranch owner Katharine Armstrong should make the story public, because she was an eyewitness, because she grew up on the ranch and because she is “an acknowledged expert in all of this” as a past head of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

He wanted an accurate story to get out. But Katherine Armstrong admits she was not an eyewitness. She said the first sign she had of any trouble was when she saw the Secret Service running as she was seated in the car, and she thought Cheney had suffered a heart attack.

Since she was not an eyewitness, the motive must have been other than an accurate story. He can't even be accurate about his reasoning of being accurate.

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