Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dems Have No Ideas?

No, Dems have great ideas, they just can't set the agenda while Republics are in power.

Consider Ken Salazar's ten ideas for the future of energy in our country, which he outlined to the President. Here's a few:
  • Set the ambitious goal of producing 25% of the total energy consumed in the United States from renewable resources (solar, biomass, wind, geothermal, new hydropower) by 2025. Your State of the Union Address outlined some of the essential elements for achieving this goal, especially your solar and bio-fuels initiatives. And your experts at the Department of Energy assure me that this goal is achievable.
  • Increase the manufacture and use of advanced technology vehicles, including flex-fuel vehicles able to run on either petroleum or renewable fuels. In this regard, it would be helpful for you to endorse and work with us to pass S. 2025, the Vehicle and Fuel Choices for American Security Act.
  • And consider possible amendments to the Pole Attachment Act to facilitate the transmission of wind power and the provision of broadband internet service to rural areas.
Salazar took the Republic President's general "we've got to do something" schtick to show that he's concerned, and outlined an actual strategery to achieve that end, chock full of workable ideas.

One of his solutions, though, is to better utilize nuclear power, which I have a problem with. Sure, we claim to have permanent storage for the waste, but the half-life of waste from a nuclear power plant is over 24,oo0 years. How many civilizations have lasted even 1000 years with a capacity to ensure the maintenance of nuclear waste? I hope I still have descendents in 1000 years, and I don't want them being poisoned by my society's laziness and selfishness.

But when I'm in one of my more philosophical moods, I think that the last few years were a necessary time for our country, a sort of cleansing by fire.

When the Republics were in the minority, they had all kinds of ideas that resonated with the public (obviously, since they got elected all over the place) at a time when the Dems were seen as wasting money and being too big for their britches. I, one of the masses who don't know too much about economics and foreign policies and whatnot, would sometimes think, "Eh, just let the Republicans have their way for a while so they'll shut up and prove they're wrong once and for all. And who knows, maybe they're right."

I only recall voting for one Republican in my life, however, Alan Simpson (R-WY). When Pat Buchanan got up at the RNC in '92 and declared a culture war, the Republicans lost me. "Me and my kind gotta lay down and die so you can live in your perfect world?" I thought (not really, since that's a line from the 2005 film Serenity).

But their bad ideas, like invading countries for no good reason, cutting taxes no matter what, and having no oversight of anything are having very negative consequences; corruption and graft is so rampant and blatant that when we have checks and balances again, it will be reformed; the media's horrible imbalance is beginning to be countered. Liberals are even beginning to get a rep for being the party of the military, of troop support.

We let the Republics have their way, and they are fucking up big time.

But their mistakes help lay the groundwork for creating and reaffirming many liberal agenda items, like nationalized healthcare, sensible progressive taxation, and possibly even public funding of elections. We just have to have the same patience and determination the neo-cons had over the past 40 years, realizing there will be setbacks along the way, the payoffs coming far into the future.

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