Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fan Mail

I'm reaching back a couple of decades for the teeny bopper in me.

I've been thinking of writing Simon Cowell a letter of support. He's the guy people love to boo, but, dammit, he's nearly always absolutely right, and says what I was myself thinking.

Paula and Randy (especially Paula, whose interruptions and dismissiveness are really annoying) usually give wishy-washy opinions that don't tell anyone very much, except that they liked or didn't like something. It's Simon's opinion that means something.

Just tonight, after that guy sang Copa Cabana by Barry Manilow, Ryan was pressing Simon for "constructive criticism," as if Simon never gives it. Why not press Paula for constructive criticism? Because her criticism is devoid of substance.

It's Simon everyone wants to impress; it's Simon's opinion everyone values; it's Simon who usually offers the most constructive criticism, as in telling people what they should and shouldn't do. (Randy does it too, sometimes, though I just can't get much from "Dog wasn't feelin' it.")

Can you tell I'm really tired of Paula's interruptions and dismissiveness of Simon? The utter lack of respect for his opinion, which so many others value, and which is nearly always right?

I'm sad more people don't get Simon's sense of humor, too. It's so contrary. Tonight, Ryan was going on and on about Gedeon's smile, how it's so infectious and everyone loves it. In Simon's criticism, he threw in, "And your smile is very annoying." That's comedy.

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