Friday, February 10, 2006

FEMA Flunkie Fires Back

The first time I've felt any sympathy for former FEMA flunkie Michael Brown was when I heard his reaction to getting piled on by Norm Coleman. It was basically, "Yeah, I screwed up, what do you want me to say? What else do you want me to admit to having messed up, just ask me and I'll apologize."

Lautenberg, and Brownie himself, went a long way to pointing out the Brownie is just a scapegoat, that the Adminstration was aware of the problems in NOLA and just failed to act. I get the feeling that everyone in the Admin said, "Well, someone will take care of it," and went back to bed.

But what Brownie should have have said that would have garnered sympathy as well as pointing out his scapegoat nature was, "Yeah, I was not qualified to head FEMA, and I was incompetent to the task ... but the White House hired me!"

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