Friday, February 03, 2006

The Republicans' Cindy Sheehan

Well, kicking both Cindy Sheehan and Beverly Young out of the SOTU were related and purposeful, except that Beverly Young apparently wasn't just a cover for Sheehan.

Democratic Underground reprinted the story about her, which includes the organizations she works with to help the troops.
Beverly supported the Iraq war but now has qualms. She has seen too many soldiers and Marines blown up by improvised explosive devices, the bombs used by insurgents.

"I'm all for (the troops) coming home because these IEDs are vicious," she says.

And a hell of a woman Beverly Young is. She doesn't hobnob with the elite, breaks unwritten rules to chew out the President, talks very bluntly, and once even voted for her husband's opponent because she liked his honesty. She was treated as all peaceful dissenters are treated by this Administration.

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