Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rovian Tactic For the Forces of Goodness

Western Democrat reports that Gov. Schweitzer (D-MT) is putting an anti-lobbyist initiative on the ballot, in the hopes of:

1) curbing lobbyist influence by not allowing legislators to become lobbyists for two years after leaving office, and

2) getting out the Democratic vote this November at a time when Repub Sen. Conrad Burns is linked to Jack Abramoff and up for re-election.
While not endorsing Karl Rove's politics, Schweitzer noted how successfully Rove was able to turn out Republican voters in key states by putting anti-gay marriage initiatives on the ballot. Schweitzer's hope is to replicate that success and put people on notice that Montana will not become, in the words he uses to describe Congress, "a wholly owned subsidiary of Corporate America."

Let's go, Democratic Party. Get these initiatives going in key states. It has double goodness.

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