Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tancredo Blasts Churches

ColoradoLib reports on Tancredo's outburst against several major church organizations for opposing his anti-immigration legislation, with possible self-imposed injury from his own rhetorical shrapnel.

Tancredo says the "liberal church activists" are misrepresenting his legislation. However, he himself misrepresents the stance of the churches, though the RMN does not print this accusation, which is directly contradicted in the article.

Said Tancredo on his website,

...left-leaning religious activists have distorted what the bill would do and have impugned the motives of those who voted to secure our borders


[left-leaning religious activists] have all initiated lobbying campaigns against the House bill and in favor of blanket illegal alien amnesty, despite many of their members support for strong border security.

From RMN:

Jeanette R. De Melo, communications director for the Catholic Archdiocese of Denver, said the church does not support "blanket amnesty" for illegal immigrants, adding, "The idea that the choice is between completely 'open borders' or (a) homegrown Berlin Wall is misguided. Neither option is practical or just."

Further, the Catholic Church does support another bill which combines enforcement with a worker program. From RMN:
...a bill pending in the U.S. Senate, by Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., comes closest to meeting the church's ideal, based on its proposed guest-worker plan. The Catholic bishops also support that bill.

Besides that, the churches have not distorted the effects of Tancredo's bill. The churches oppose "enforcement only" legislation, which is what Tancredo admits is what his bill will do. From his website:
... H.R. 4437, calls for the construction of a security fence along our southern border, requires federal and local law enforcement to cooperate on immigration matters, and mandates that employers use an instant check system to verify their employees' legal status.

From RMN:
Tancredo, leader of the congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, has vowed to fight various guest- worker plans, including McCain- Kennedy language, calling them tantamount to amnesty for people who broke the law to get into the country.

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