Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Teh Personal Update

The boys and I went up to Cheyenne for the weekend to celebrate 5 birthdays. Four of them are in February, one late January. Also, to visit my dad and brother (two of the birthdays), who've taken up being truck drivers and are rarely home anymore.

I took up my Firefly DVD set and recruited three new Browncoats. They seem to find Jayne the most amusing. Plus, if you have the DVDs, try watching it with the captions on. I didn't realize how much of the dialogue I wasn't quite getting until I watched it with old deaf people. On the night my dad had control of the remote, he would let the episode run to the Grr Arrgh. I think he really enjoyed the music and the Mutant Enemy. My mom ordered the set through my website, and you can, too. It's on the sidebar to the right. Scroll down. Now click on it.

Sunday night I stayed up all night playing my nephew's World of Warcraft game. I usually just watch him play the online games. He's played Starcraft and some other game I can't remember the name of. He's got school and a job, so he asked if I wanted to try. Me being such the introvert, even the thought of playing online with other people caused me stress. But I didn't have to talk to anyone (I had a hard time figuring out how to do that, anyway).

I'm still not recovered. For one thing, I'm very sleepy. For another, every time I close my eyes, I see a Night Elf running down a cobblestone path. I want the game, but I can't get it until we get a better computer with video card and DSL.

So that's what I was doing this weekend instead of blogging. But it wasn't all a political waste of time. I think my mom may have been convinced Reaganomics isn't all it was cracked up to be. And I keep planting the seed that it's a ridiculous notion to tell people they shouldn't publicly criticize the president during a time of war. And I still don't understand how she differentiates between Bush's wars and Clinton's wars. It was apparently okay to criticize the president when Clinton was in office.

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