Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Using the Internets for the Forces of Goodness

I sometimes look up people I used to know, just to see where they're at, what they're doing. Most of my old friends apparently don't do much that finds its way onto the internet. To be fair, neither do I, especially since I blog pseudonymously, and would use my married name if I dared (a name which no one would guess off the top of their head -- but at least it's not Schitze, Hyman, or Faggot, names of other families my husband has known. True story: his grandfather went into a bar in another town in his state and asked "Are there any Faggots around here?" And there were.).

While looking up a friend from college who has a wildly talented family, I found that her older brother has a blog. I met him once when he and his wife were helping her move, and I found him highly entertaining. His blog is, too.

Square in the Nuts -- the Blog, by Ben Tripp, who also sometimes writes for Counterpunch. (As I recall, when I met him, he was a Disney Imagineer -- I hope he had nothing to do with Innoventions.) There's also a collection of essays in book form, also called Square in the Nuts.

And talk about square in the nuts, he wrote a somber eulogy for Ronald Reagan upon his passing which ended like this:
So here's to Ronald Reagan, our fortieth president, on the occasion of your passing from this life: fuck you back.

And don't forget the amusing swag.

While you've got your hand in your pocket (getting out cash to buy stuff -- get your mind out of the gutter) check out his dad's work, illustrator Wallace Tripp, who I also met once. I have one of his books, which I won't let my sons look at until they stop destroying things.

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