Sunday, March 05, 2006

Allens' Story Doesn't Add Up

A commenter at In Remembrance and Heedlessness has a link to the FOX News coverage of the Bennish student walk-out last Thursday (as well as other links of local coverage).

As I thought I had remembered hearing, Sean Allen was trying to say he had just made the recording to take notes, not to try to get his teacher in trouble. I wonder why he didn't record from the beginning of the discussion or provide his "notes" from the end of the discussion, then.

Another discrepency -- the story is that Allen's father didn't like what he heard on the tape, complained to the school, didn't get an adequate response, so turned it over to Mike Rosen. Both father and son claim they aren't seeking publicity, but are simply concerned about curbing a biased teacher.

But left out is the fact that Allen's father first sent a copy to columnist Walter Williams in the middle of February. Apparently that column didn't get an adequate response, either, so Allen shopped it to Mike Rosen.

It certainly seems as though the Allens worked very hard to drum up the publicity and controversy they shun.

As for Allen's mom being a Democrat, I know how much that means. In California, my dad had registered as a Democrat, but that was only so my parents could get campaign information from both parties. I don't think my dad ever voted Democratic when he was registered as one, and I know he doesn't support Democratic policies, either now or then.

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