Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bennett Teacher Fired for Educating

In all the hoopla over Bennish, I totally forgot until this morning -- when Jay Marvin reminded me -- that a teacher in Bennett, Colorado, was driven out of town by drooling mouthbreathers for showing 1st graders a 33-year-old children's video about opera that included an excerpt of Faust. She was called a witch and a satanist, and put on leave.

J.D. Griffioen at Blogging Baby made a sad point.
People who believed in medical diagnoses of "bad humors" and phrenology and bloodletting were not threatened by the classic tale of a doctor who risked his eternal soul for earthly pleasure only to find it came at too high a cost. But some parents in Bennett feel threatened by the opera Faust.
The excerpt gave some children nightmares for a week! Eight minutes of sock puppets singing in French gave 1st graders nightmares for a week. That prompted me to call bullshit and place the blame where it belongs, on the parents and the effect of such religious indoctrination and fearmongering in small children.

February 16, 50 parents went to the school board meeting to support her, while only 6 sought to have her fired. She asked to return to class and was turned down.
"I asked Dr. Sauter why couldn't I come back because the majority of parents want me," she said. "He said it would be too disruptive to the parents and the students."

Waggoner said she told Sauter that she will pray for him.

"I've done nothing wrong. I believe you have to pray for your enemies," said Waggoner, who has made two CDs of Christian music and regularly sings at churches. "I told him I would have to pray for him so he could live with himself for doing something wrong."

Witchy woman, using her dark powers to "pray." You can do much better than Bennett, honey, though I feel bad for the vast majority of parents whose children are being dragged down by the idiot minority.

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