Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bennish Conclusion

Jay Bennish was reinstated, with a warning to be more balanced in his classroom discussions, meaning to make sure he balances his comments that same day, rather than the following day or later in the week.
According to Lane, Bennish reiterated his commitment to school district policies and outlined for administrators the ways he has brought balance to his classroom.

For example, he said, Bennish presented the cartoons that have caused such an uproar in the Muslim world.

One day, Lane said, Bennish touched on the Islamic perspective. The next day, Bennish "put out the basic Western liberal line about, you know, this is a free society, everything is fair game, why would you have a religion that is based on peace and love going out and killing people over some cartoons?"

The fact that Bennish does cover multiple perspectives bolsters the assertion that Sean Allen just didn't want to have to listen to views which disturbed his comfy little world.

Allen won't be going back to Overland, and might go to Cherry Creek High School.

Columnist Bill Johnson makes a great point: this was never about the children, it was about politics.

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