Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bennish Links

Most of the results from Bennish searches yield anti-Bennish posts, so I'm going to link to whatever pro-Bennish -- or at least fairly considered -- posts I can find.

And, yup, ten pages of Google returns these three posts.
SoapBlox Colorado -- My post about the subject over there.

Good Students -- elemental visions notices there was ample opportunity for opposite views in the classroom.

The Smirking Chimp -- compares Sean Allen to Thought Police snitch in 1985.

A few from Technorati:
Lee Moyer Liverjournal -- points out pro-Bush comments wouldn't have raised such a shitstorm.

Daily Kos post by Buckley Roberts -- it was one small excerpt from one class which did in fact include an opportunity for dissenting opinions.

Everybody Seems to Be Kerbabbled -- why shouldn't students be challenged?

The Battler -- outrage over Bennish is manufactured propaganda.

Democratic Senators Represent More Americans -- partisans try to shut out speech they don't want to hear.

Life As We Know It -- Dual-Aussie citizen with take on free speech.

The Butch Stroll -- issue blown out of proportion, Bennish not propagandizing.

BiblioSquirrel -- "For folks who constantly complain about what a piss poor job public education does, they sure are quick to believe that whatever comes out of a teacher's mouth is what their kids will clutch to their grimy bosoms and remember forever and always." Heh, indeedy (<-- there it is). ...More links: South(west) Paw -- points of discussion seem fair.

TPM Cafe -- "A tenth grade teacher dreams of young citizens thinking for themselves. He challenges with provocative examples, yet asks them to form their own opinions."

...Another: MikeFitz with overflow bit set -- (is that Aussie slang? [nope, Mike says it's computerese. Link fixed]) sometimes you need to be at a distance to gain some perspective, makes good points about it.

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