Monday, March 06, 2006

Bennish to Break Silence

Jay Bennish is scheduled to appear on NBC's Today show tomorrow, Tuesday, March 7, so we'll be able to see the current Bennish, not the one from his high school yearbook. Also, the Cherry Creek School District should be having a press conference either Tuesday afternoon or early Wednesday about the outcome of the investigation.

And despite speaking up nine times on the recording he himself made, actually being encouraged by Bennish, who used a calm tone of voice to say things like "I think that's a good point," and "I'm glad you asked all of your questions, 'cause they're all very good, legitimate questions;" despite the fact that Bennish was providing fodder for either a written or oral argument in class that, if presented cogently and with support, would earn students extra credit [from Bennish's lawyer, on TV news, no link], Sean Allen has the nerve to claim
he never had a chance to bring up political viewpoints that were different from Bennish's and other students in his class also felt uncomfortable speaking up.

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