Monday, March 20, 2006

Bloodless Revolutions

WashParkProphet saw V for Vendetta, and noticed something interesting about Guy Fawkes Day. wonders if the founders really chose the first Tuesday following the first Monday of November to hold our elections without symbolic meaning. One time in seven, election day in the United States falls on Guy Fawkes day. In every other year, it is never more than three days from Guy Fawkes day, something which wouldn’t have happened had they made the seemingly more straight forward decision to hold elections on the first Tuesday in November.

After the bloody Revolution, was it a way to commemorate the fact that we have peaceful, civilized means of effecting change? We don't need to blow up buildings or assassinate kings, because we all have the power to overthrow ineffective, corrupt governments through democratic procedures, including things like impeachment.

Warning then: mess with our electoral process at your own peril. I'm looking at you, Diebold.

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