Saturday, March 18, 2006

Energy Savings This Spring

This is my first full year living in Colorado, and I am ready for warm weather. I lived in Florida for six and a half years, and I was looking forward to the day I could say that. Last year was the first time I anticipated summer with happines since I was in school, when summer meant something good. Northern California summer is pretty pleasant, and combined with no school is awesome.

In Florida, with the horribly insulated homes and humid weather, the energy bill was regularly high up there. Summers were high bills, winter were lower bills. Only in December last year, with the incredibly low temperatures, did we have a month comparable in cost to Florida, but the rest of the time our bills look like they did in winter in Florida.

So I'm very happy that this Spring, Xcel is expecting energy bills to drop 38%. Despite December's cold, this has been a warmer season, so there is a gas surplus.

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