Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Highlights of the Bennish Interview

Three points that emphasize that the excerpt Sean Allen taped has been taken out of context, along with my suspicion that Allen set Bennish up.

My class syllabus clearly outlines all of the material that will be covered, this is signed by parents, this is registered with the school, it's been approved by the school.


Well, you know, the lecture initially was an introduction to world geography and we were covering very stereotypical terms, like mental mapping and cultural landscapes and I was receiving questions from Sean as well as from other students trying to get me to respond to the State of the Union Address that was the night before, and I explained to the students that, in the case of the State of the Union, this is applicable to a world geography class, because for many people around the world this speech might impact their lives moreso than the speeches that their own leaders give.


And I would like to reiterate also that all of my students are encouraged to take those types of things and go home, reflect on that, and look at other current events and get extra credit regardless of what their viewpoints are.

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