Thursday, March 02, 2006

I Caused the Iraq Civil War

Just by thinking over the years that Bush's rotten policy of invading Iraq might cause one.

Sifu Tweety at the Poor Man hits the nail on the head when it comes to righties complaining about us treasonous, dissenting leftists who cause civil wars (oops, I mean sectarian violence):
... if we bomb-throwing leftists had ceased criticizing this policy the day the first bombs fell (or anyhow, pretty quickly afterwards), the occupation would, in fact, have been greeted with open arms, Shiite and Sunni arabs would have not so much peacably resolved their differences as never acknowledged those differences in the first place, and American troops in Iraq - at their current, more than sufficient, numbers - would have easily surmounted the total lack of postwar planning and installed a smoothly functioning democracy primed to elect an inclusive, secular, US friendly government.

I hadn't realized we leftists had so much power, sitting at our keyboards or talking on the radio and TV? It's not poor post-war planning, corruption or wrong-headed policy that loses a war, it's liberal whining.
Republicans attach incredible importance to media criticism of the war, because they genuinely believe that the war is won and lost IN THE MEDIA.

It's all part of the right's Tinkerbell Syndrome. If we all just believe hard enough, wonderful things will happen in Iraq. If things don't go well, then obviously it's because the leftists killed Tinkerbell with their defeatist attitudes.

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