Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lack of Bennish Support

Michael Yates at Monthly Review notices, as I do, that many liberals are shying away from supporting Jay Bennish.

Yeah, the excerpts of what he says, taken out of context, sound alarming and embarrassing. And at first glance it appears Bennish went off on a tangent, completely outside the scope of world geography, propagandizing to students. The popular, centrist, reasonable stance appears to be "I agree with what Bennish said, but it was one-sided and outside the scope of geography, and therefore inappropriate." But that is simply not true.

Yates also called the Colorado Education Association, the union at Overland, and discovered it is not throwing support behind Bennish because he's not a member (well, there goes that Repug talking point).

But Yates has contact information for Dr. Monte Moses, superintendent of Cherry Creek Schools.

Update: Progress Now Action also suggests joining the ACLU and Students for a Democratic Society (warning: when you click on SDS, there's corny folk music).

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