Thursday, March 16, 2006

Letter to Ken Salazar RE: Allard's Comment;Update, Response

Dear Senator Salazar,

I'm sure you know your colleague and fellow Coloradan, Senator Allard, said that, in offering a resolution to censure the President for his illegal NSA spying program, Russ Feingold has sided with the terrorists. More than that, that Senator Feingold has sided with the terrorists on more than one occasion.

I know you don't agree with that sentiment at all. It's ridiculous to compare legal, peaceful acts that are part of the democratic process to terrorism, and it is the height of irresponsibility to try to attempt to undermine our democracy by labelling political opponents traitors. Combating such rhetoric requires action.

When Jean Schmidt got up in the House of Representatives and called Rep. Murtha a coward, there was an immediate cry of outrage from Democrats. Ms. Schmidt had to apologize for her irresponsible words. Where is a comparable cry of outrage from our Democratic Senators?

Will you stand up to demand that Senator Allard apologize for besmirching a colleague's patriotism and honor, and for calling American democratic procedures, free speech, and the rule of law terrorist acts?

Julie O.


Dear Julie:

Thank you for contacting me regarding Senator Feingold's resolution to censure the President concerning warrantless wiretaps.

I believe that warrantless spying on Americans is extremely serious. I also believe that Congress must insist on collecting all of the facts about any warrantless spying program and thoroughly accounting for precisely what actions were taken by the Administration before considering other action.

Censure of an American president has occurred only once in our history, back in the early days of our Republic, when Andrew Jackson was President.

Thank you again for writing.

Ken Salazar
United States Senator

My comment: I will remember what John Conyers said at the Harper's impeachment meeting on C-SPAN. Let the process work. Use democratic procedures to deal with a president who would undermine democracy and democratic procedures. The fact is, censure and impeachment are off the table while Republicans have control of everything.

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