Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More Bennish Links

SoapBlox Colorado's Young Angry Liberal, EMRosa -- how can we trust Dems to back us up if they ignore Bennish? (update: Several commenters who initially argued against Bennish have re-evaluated their positions in light of emerging, balanced presentation of evidence.)

UCLA Bruin Editorial -- (passed on by Richard Myers) "To suggest he is indoctrinating his class implies high school students are so passive that they'll swallow everything and anything their teachers say without seeking information of their own accord. That not only insults high school students, but it sends a contradictory message to today's youth: Society blames you for being politically apathetic, but it'll coddle you when anything that resembles a political discussion occurs."

...Smile At Me -- Allen, who exercised his free speech, sought to suppress Bennish's.

...Skippy the Bush Kangaroo -- Skippy, a former Aurora student, discovers the often overlooked details.

Evil Mommy -- one of my local blogs (she lives pretty close to me), realizes she has good instincts for sniffing out a suspicious circumstance.

Democratic Senators Represent More Americans -- notices the increasing support for Bennish, and mentions Me (I don't know Jay Bennish personally, or anyone who does).

Media Needle -- "The increasing incidents of classroom spying are another symptom of extremist right wing ideology, meant to reform what they view as an unraveled social fabric, which has diminished their economic and social advantage, and to quell any dissent from their plan. As such, they take inspiration from role models who advocate techniques such as domestic spying, as means of retaining the upper hand in policy making, in order to benefit an elite ruling class."

Mel's Diner -- a basic attack on freedom of speech.

Thought Alarm -- "Is it really worth harming a mind that hasn't been used in 16 years to try to get a teen ager to think about an issue? And isn't Bennish a little late in comparing Bush to Hitler? That is so 2005 (see previous blogs)."

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