Saturday, March 11, 2006

More on Bennett Teacher

Bill Johnson's column had more information about Tresa Waggoner's situation in Bennett.
Some folks think the real reason Waggoner became a target was more because of the school's Christmas play than her playing 12 minutes of Faust.

Karen Grossiant, who resigned as Bennett mayor after Tresa Waggoner was placed on leave - saying it was "the last straw" - acknowledged as much.

The true problem: Waggoner did not put Christian songs in the play. This outraged some townsfolk. She had to go.

Cory Babi, wife of Bennett School Board member Mike Babi, had threatened Waggoner for not putting Christmas songs in the school play.
Cory Babi, the wife of school board member Mike Babi, called four days before the program and said there would be problems if there were no Christmas songs, said Waggoner.


After Waggoner showed less than 12 minutes of the Faust videotape, Cory Babi said her daughter asked about abortion and suicide. Babi declined comment Thursday.

"The connection is transparent. They lied and said Faust is about abortion," said Waggoner. "The only thing I can do is expose this as the injustice that it is."

Just like the Bennish case, it's about politics and punishing people who don't obey the Repug party line.

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