Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Second Letter to Allard RE: Treason

Dear Senator Allard,

The other day you accused fellow Senator Russ Feingold of siding with the terrorists for introducing a resolution to censure President Bush for illegally spying on Americans.

Yet you have nothing on your website about this subject. Do you stand by your comments? Do you believe a resolution to censure the President for an illegal act is tantamount to treason?

If so, what sort of message do you think it would send to, say, President Hillary Clinton that anytime there is a threat to the United States, which is always, democratically elected Senators such as yourself should be regarded as traitors for using legal, constitutional, democratic mechanisms for voicing opposition to bad leadership?

If so, did you also consider your fellow Senators Inhofe, Gregg, and Lugar; Representatives DeLay, Hastert, and Cunningham; and presidential candidates Quayle, Buchanan, and George W. Bush traitors for siding with Milosevic by criticizing President Bill Clinton during the Kosovo "time of war?"

I would appreciate a serious response to these serious questions.

Julie O.

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