Monday, March 13, 2006

StarFest 2006 -- Neep

Coming April 21-23 to the DTC Marriott.

We went last year when Shatner was there (I saw the top of his head woot!), but my husband had to leave early to go to work, and we had the boys, so we didn't do much. It was my first convention. (BTW, if you get a chance to watch How William Shatner Changed the World, do so and get an appreciation for how much we all rely on geeks and nerds for our modern cool world. I'm talking to you and your "cool" friends, Erin.)

Dean Haglund's (The Lone Gunmen -- why do so many things I like just go away after one season?) talk was very entertaining. This year he'll be doing Star Trek improv with Stargate's Gary Jones. I looooove improv (when it's done well, of course).

We're taking the boys to the grandparents' for the weekend, and hubby's taking the day off. I truly am geeking out already. I'm even going to get an autograph this time, but I don't know whose yet. Any suggestions?

Here are the choices:
Tricia Helfer -- Number Six, Battlestar Galactica
George Takei -- Mr. Sulu, Star Trek
Dwight Schultz -- Lt. Barclay, ST:TNG
Denise Crosby -- Lt. Yar, ST:TNG
Dirk Benedict -- Starbuck, Original Battlestar Galactica
Gary Jones -- Sgt. Harriman, Stargate SG-1
Dean Haglund -- Langly, Lone Gunmen & X-Files

I am equally geeky for all of them, but keep in mind it needs to go with the rest of my autogaph collection: Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca. I also got linebacker Floyd Rice's autograph when I was a kid, but that was really more for my mom.

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