Sunday, March 05, 2006

What Kind of Honors Student is Sean Allen?

I made this argument over at Soapblox Colorado, and I liked it so much, I thought I'd post it here (mainly I post things for my husband to read, and he doesn't read the comments over there).
I'm sure as were most of us who comment here, I was in honors classes in high school. Most everybody in those classes were exceptionally smart, capable of discourse, had knowledge of the world beyond MTV, and could form their own opinions. Anybody remember forensic debate? Argue with some of those tenth graders.

It is also very obvious that Bennish's classroom has an atmosphere which allows and encourages dissent (he never jumped down Allen's throat or belittled him for speaking up in class with different opinions).

In fact, Bennish told his students to dissect and analyze everything he said for extra credit. What honors student wouldn't jump at the chance to prove his teacher wrong and get extra credit for doing so? (My answer, an honors student who doesn't like having his indoctrinated opinions challenged).

Add to that the fact that Bennish handed out a memo (FOX News video) at the beginning of the school year which stated that he is very opinionated, will discuss things some students might not like to hear, and suggested an alternate class (was it an elective class?) and you apparently don't have impressionable youths being held captive by a radical teacher. You have highly intelligent students being challenged by an unorthodox teacher.

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