Monday, March 13, 2006

Who's the Jerk?

In response to this "anti-religious knee-jerk left" nonsense

"... since the Left's hostility to religion and spirituality has become such a major stumbling block to the chances that progressive forces will ever win enough power to actually change the socially and environmentally destructive policies of the West, it becomes important to explore the roots of this hostility."

And this

... secular liberals, who made up about 16% of the Kerry vote (more stats here) seem to have a disproportionate impact on the party's image and approach.

And this
Finally, a religious candidate who actually deserves the scorn of the knee-jerk left.

I will let my judicious use of excerpts speak for me.

PZ Myers

... it's hard to imagine how frantic they'd be if we "secular liberals" were actually represented by our party. And that is a real problem.

We campaign for and vote for Christian candidates, so I'm not at all sure what more these lunatics want from us. Are we supposed to bow down and convert and tithe, or would it be enough to merely acknowledge the superiority of their Lord Jesus Christ and look sorrowful about having to go to hell?


It would seem to me that this entire argument is nothing but a political football used to shut down criticism and advance a particular agenda without having to debate the issues on their own merits.


We have enthusiastically backed candidates who are from every religious tradition and from every region. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were both born again, southern evangelicals. We do not scorn religious candidates, period.

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