Thursday, April 06, 2006

All Apologies

I was gone last week, so missed out on some cool stuff, like Cynthia McKinney's stupidity. For the record, my opinion is that you don't hit a cop. Unless it's a rogue cop made of liquid metal, but that mainly just happens in movies. Her actions seemed to be like many other people in power and privilege who feel entitled to special treatment, who think it's okay to strike out at lesser beings for inconveniencing or angering them.

When I got into the car this morning and switched the radio to the AM dial, I heard a recording of Rep. McKinney talking about her support of the police and "the misunderstanding." When I heard some derisive "harumphs" interspersed in her speech, I looked down at the dial, remembered my mom was the last one to use the car, and realized it was right-wing radio. I switched away real quick, then back so I could hear the rest of the apology, heard Rush Limbaugh's dulcet tones dismissing it, then switched the dial again.

See, Rush doesn't believe her, and for good reason. He's never truly sorry about anything he does, so he doesn't believe that other people are, either. That's why Republicans rarely apologize or admit to wrongdoing. They aren't sorry. Since they believe they are the actors who create reality, they believe their denials of culpability mean that they really aren't culpable. That's also a part of why I don't generally support moves to get Republicans to apologize for their wrongdoing, though apologies often go a long way toward healing hurts by showing a capacity for empathy, the ability to learn from mistakes, and the willingness to change.

First, Republicans won't apologize anyway, so nagging them about it makes Dems seem weak and ineffective. Second, they aren't sorry, so they shouldn't be allowed to lie their way out of owning up to who they really are. Every time a Republican says or does something stupid or bad, don't demand an apology. Just say, "see, that's what he's like, that's how he thinks." Remember to thank him for the insight into his true personality and character. It's polite.

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