Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cheney Booed

This is by Washington Times reporter Joseph Curl.

"I have never -- ever -- heard anyone get booed like that man," the affable usher and lifelong Democrat said yesterday with a smile.

"That man" was Vice President Dick Cheney, who, two months after shooting a bird-hunting companion in the face, tried his hand at another sporting event -- tossing out the first pitch for the Washington Nationals' home opener at RFK Stadium.

It's not a friendly article. Joseph Curl writes,

Mr. Cheney strode out of the Nats' dugout and boos immediately began to rain down on him, growing to a crescendo as he neared the mound.


Yet the vice president, a year older than Mr. Horton, didn't toe the pitcher's rubber, 60 feet 6 inches from home plate. Instead, he took a spot in front of the mound, on the infield grass. The boos sustained their deafening pitch in the stadium's bowl. With a jerky and short windup, the vice president threw the ball toward home plate.

It didn't quite make it. The ball skipped in the dirt just in front of the plate, but was expertly scooped up by Washington catcher Brian Schneider.

He makes it sound like Cheney is a wimp. The man deserves to be booed wherever he goes, but he's old and unhealthy. I'm not criticizing the article, I'm just noting how overtly negative the Moonie Times writer was about the VP, making no attempt to defend him or balance the article. But I haven't been reading the WT, so I don't know if there's a trend toward writing negatively about Cheney. I just find it interesting.

Update: What does it mean when the wacky right-wing Moonie Times prints an accurate and negative portrayal of a Republican official, but the purportedly liberal Washington Post won't? Firedoglake (via Atrios) has this:
The first pitch of the Washington Nationals’ second season at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium was low and away, bouncing in the dirt before being scooped up by catcher Brian Schneider. For that, Vice President Cheney received a round of boos from the home crowd this afternoon.

Hamsher also links to Crooks & Liars' video of the event.

Update 2: Think Progress shows how the Post changed their story, though it's still inadequate.

Also something I didn't excerpt from the Moonie Times, but which adds to the ambience:
But not everyone at the half-filled stadium was booing. Former Clinton strategist James Carville, in the front row just behind the home team's dugout, was howling like a hyena, his face contorted in laughter. Next to him, his wife, Mary Matalin, cheered enthusiastically as her former boss headed to the mound.

The above-quoted usher didn't boo, either. Neither did the players, the umpires, Cheney, his Secret Service, the owners, etc. So how bad could the booing have been? [/snark]

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