Friday, April 07, 2006

Don't Get Excited at Repub Implosion

Georgia10 at Daily Kos also warns Dems not to get too excited about Repub troubles, as there is still plenty of time for those cheating bastards to regroup and steal yet another election with their lies and dirty tricks. Kos (via Crooks and Liars) also warns Dems to grow some balls and get a plan, and not rely on the Republican implosion.

They're right. Democrats are not necessarily the alternative to voting Republican. Lots of people could opt to stay at home on election day, depressed at the Republican crooks and uninspiring Dems. It could be a close one again, with only party loyals taking part -- and considering what's been happening in key states during close elections recently ::cough::FloridaOhio::cough::, that would be very, very bad for democracy and the U.S.

But voters could also do what I did in the 90's when I didn't much care for the Dems and wouldn't vote for a Republican -- vote third party.

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