Saturday, April 08, 2006

General Assembly: Help, I'm Becoming a Wonk

I got up early for the Democratic General Assembly in Aurora. I actually enjoyed it.

I hadn't been entered into the computer as a delegate, so I had to get in the credentials line, and it occurred to me that headquarters might need a little help with data entry. And I was intrigued by the parliamentarian, who seems to have an innate knowledge of all the obscure procedures. Maybe I can do that someday, I thought. Burgeoning wonk.

I was also determined that I wouldn't be going to the State Assembly, which is going to be on May 20, in Greeley. I had some trepidation after the caucus, which was confusing, and where I had been pressured into more participation despite my newness (because of my newsness?) than I felt ready and competent for. But there are enough places at the State Assembly for every delegate who attended the general assembly, so they went with an "opt out" procedure. I think I might actually be able to go, but more than ability, I find myself really wanting to go.

But I'm also selfish. Despite having been with my husband for nearly ten years (two of them living in sin, which was awesome) I want to spend my time with him. However, I will make sacrifices for my country. And if I ever resign a position so I can "spend more time with my family," you'll know it's true.

Several candidates and party officials were there (I left before Bill Ritter showed up): Andrew Romanoff, Dan Slater of DemNotes, Ed Perlmutter, Peggy Lamm, Manny Rodriguez of the DNC, Ken Gordon (who I particularly liked).

Bill Winter made me cry when he talked about the dog tags he carries which belonged to his friend's only child who was killed in Iraq. He got a couple of standing ovations, and I feel very good about him as our candidate. He makes me feel hope the way Barack Obama did.

There were a couple of contentious issues about the party's platform which spurred debate. One paragraph in Elections and Politics lead to much parliamentary procedure, suspending the rules and whatnot. A woman got up to object to the phrasing of a sentence, "encourage women and other minorities..." She said, "I object to calling women a minority. We are a majority."

Our Arapahoe County candidates are as follows (the ones I can vote for in CD6, HD37, CCD2):
  • Clerk & Recorder -- Kathleen Conway
  • Assessor -- Glen Emerson
  • Treasurer -- Doug Milliken (current Centennial treasurer)
  • Commissioner for District 2 -- Tom Donohue (made a good showing against the absent Lauri Clapp with 42% of the vote last time)
  • State Board of Education -- Arapahoe County Dems Party Chair Karen Middleton
  • Colorado House of Representatives -- Angela Engel (to replace the inaccessible Lauri Clapp)
  • U.S. House of Representatives -- Bill Winter (to replace the often-absent Tom Tancredo)

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