Friday, April 07, 2006

Tancredo, the Flag, Zero Tolerance

It's wonderful to see our Congressman Tancredo finally taking an interest in something happening here in his home district which is not related to illegal immigration, writing a letter to Shaw Heights Middle School's principal, Myra Shepherd about the wearin' o' the red white and blue.

Oops, fact check. Shaw Heights is in Westminster, way the hell on the other side of Denver. Oops, fact check two. The red white and blue was banned, along with the Mexican flag, because it was causing disruptive behavior in the school over immigration issues. Oh well. ::sob:: When will Tancredo notice me?

I happen to agree that nation flags shouldn't be banned. (If I were going to that school, I might have adorned myself with flags of many nations, excluding the U.S. and Mexico. That's how I roll.) The principal should have called a school assembly and used the opportunity to have discussions about free speech, civil speech (as opposed to the racial slurs being used), correct behavior, and the penalties for incorrect behavior, which includes the use of foul language, racial slurs and threats.

Then later, give the parents of the opposing sides one Mexican flag, one U.S. flag, send them to the gym where there is a huge mound of dirt, throw in some machetes and chains, lock the doors and tell them to work out their own gorram issues rather than using their children as proxies.

Plus, this flag-banning is yet another example of the "zero-tolerance" mindset that many school officials have. It's easier to CYA and make blanket decisions without having to consider unique, individual circumstances.

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